The 8 New Trends with Which You Can Make Friends before Autumn 2018

If you are the type to fear new trends, you are too eccentric and welcome to the fall of 2018 with open arms. During the month of fashion, we saw only familiar patterns, colors, coats and diapers, perhaps worn in a new way. The eight most important style statements are the ones most people can do – and they’re all ridiculously flattering. Get the best takeaway products of the spring 2018 season, then read our new report from start to finish and this year, get ready for a striking wardrobe that’s truly remarkably comfortable.

• Streetstyle statement jackets
• Return of Ruching
• Occupied and occupied impressions
• animal print
All I see is red
• 80s west
• Returned skin
• a lot of plaids

1. 1st coat style statement

It does not matter if you prefer a crazy and ornate print, something fluffy, or a design that is wildly colorful. These coats with one and one raised dominated the tracks, that they are in layers or autonomous. All you really need is a pair of boots to finish the outfit.

2. Return of Ruching
Do you remember the little skirts that you wore years ago? They kissed your curves, but at the same time flattering your body. We’ve seen clothes on the sides of midi dresses and mini skirts, so look for tight, detailed numbers like these and do not be afraid to try them. They will extend your frame and help you achieve a very fashionable style.

3. busy and busy impressions
The key to this trend is to collect a handful of impressions that may not make sense on paper. But if you add at least one neutral hue or solid accessory to your outfit, you can tear it off – and these mixed looks prove it.

4. Animal print
Which woman does not like leopard print? This season, the classic leopard coats were revived, but we were also introduced to the tiger print, and these models could be detected a mile away, once worn up to the shoes. It’s a flashy outfit for the new season.

5. All I see is red
This monochrome look is fiery, but not angry. When you move different tones from head to toe, the result is quite pretty, and there is no chance you will not be noticed by passersby.

6. 80’s west
Take the exaggerated shoulders, kitten heels and earrings that made a comeback in the ’80s a few years ago and mix Western accessories – think snakeskin boots, cowboy prints, and fringes – and you have a good meeting two very different but pleasant vibes.

7. Returned skin
This season was all about layering, and although one look did not necessarily need more volume, the designers went a step further. A jacquard dress topped with a fluffy jacket clearly requires a little more texture, so put a sheepskin coat in your wardrobe and make sure it’s the last piece of the statement.

8. A lot of plaids
While you know the plaid pattern, we have evolved from the return of simple tartan overcoats to unexpected combinations and throws that are worn in new ways – asymmetrical to a dress or from head to toe in different shades. This season, try not only to mix your plaids by color, but also by the material (think of wool scarves with nylon tote bags).

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